Introduction to Asia Customer Care Platform

Stanley Black & Decker's Customer Care platform in Asia establishes more direct and effective engagement with customers and channel partners. The aim is to give an added value experience and to increase customer satisfaction by providing closer support.


Customer Care allows customers and channel partners to experience timely and efficient customer support directly from Stanley Black & Decker brands. This platform is designed to answer inquiries directly by the brands, relieve inquiry pressure on channel partners and lead traffic to them, likewise facilitate sales and promote after sales service experience. It is the result of the vision of Stanley Black & Decker to increase the brand experience of customers and channel partners: a true customer-centric commercial eco-system.


Countries in which this platform has been launched are China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia* and Indonesia*.

* English services now available, and local language services are in preparation in Malaysia and Indonesia.




Customer Support in Three Core Areas

Whether it is a question about product information, sales support or after sales service, customers and channel partners can easily contact Customer Care to get Stanley Black & Decker’s direct answer and specialized assistance.


1. Product Information:

A quick look-up of product information: how to use, troubleshooting, functional parameters and price list.


2. Channel Partners: Distributors, Retailers and After Sales Service Centers

Up-to-date information on locations, contact details and business hours for offline and online partners.


3. After Sales Service Support:

Convenient access to after-sales support, complaints handling, warranty policy information, spare parts, maintenance cycles and price list.


Omni-Channel Interaction


To seek help, customers and channel partners can contact Customer Care by telephone, popular social media platforms, email and official websites. Omni-channel access covering both online and offline offers customers and channel partners more options and convenience.


Brand Websites

On Stanley Black & Decker’s brand websites, customers and channel partners can seek help in real time through the online chat function or leave a message to get support. Online chat features are available at:



Black & Decker:


Customer Service Hotline

Dial +65 3158 1277 to connect to Stanley Black & Decker’s service hotline and get support from a call center.


Social Media Platforms 

Customers and channel partners can raise inquiries on Stanley Black & Decker’s brand accounts on social media platforms. For a timely response, customers and channel partners can follow the following Stanley Black & Decker’s accounts:



Black & Decker:



Contact Stanley Black & Decker by sending email and expect in time response.



Black & Decker: 


* Working hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm for China/Korea/Japan and 8:30 am to 5:30 pm for Thailand/Singapore/Malaysia/Philippines/Indonesia following each local country’s time zone on normal working days




100% Responsive to User Inquiries


Customer Care integrates a call center, online customer service, self-service center and ticket system. It offers a one-stop customer service solution and handles all tasks in this integrated platform. This way all messages and inquiries from customers or channel partners are registered and 100% guaranteed to receive a reply.


The online platforms in Customer Care can spot users when they get connected to Stanley Black & Decker and provide the most appropriate answers accordingly. When inquiries occur, the system will efficiently allocate tickets according to agents’ online status and workload and divert visitor traffic to optimize the agent resources. This reduces waiting time and produces quicker responses. Customer Care uses all types of media: telephone, email, desktop computer, and social platforms to engage with customers and channel partners. Likewise, it also covers real-time support and messaging support. No inquires will be overlooked.


Smarter Identification of User Needs


Enabled by big data, Customer Care uses an intelligent system to keep track of customer status. This smart system can recognize users, diagnose their needs, deliver improved service efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Customer Care can automatically retrieve historical chat records and visitor information from different channels. By analyzing data of reasons for users’ visits, it improves efficiency for multi-inquiries to one task and offers personalized services for users. Customer Care can identify users on one single platform and provide timely, continuous and exclusive service without users having to repeat their needs. The tracking feature also realizes proactive prediction on specific user needs and improves service efficiency and user satisfaction.


In addition, with a knowledge data base Customer Care makes a self-service center available to users where they can find answers quickly through one-stop operations without having to queue or wait. The platform is equipped with intelligent algorithms to support content updates and analysis of data such as frequency of visits, duration and satisfaction. In this way, the self-service center is capable of providing answers closer to each users’ needs.


Optimized Customer Experience


All agents are trained comprehensively from work flow to product and brand information, in order to provide high quality service and enhanced customer experience.


In line with the principle of being customer-centric, agents stay in one platform and manage all tasks in a unified process. No matter whether the inquiries are from web, mobile, call centers or social platforms, Customer Care ensures a consistent customer experience. Real-time monitoring and detailed data reporting enable more efficient internal customer service management and ensure faster and more accurate customer support.


Customer Care has a powerful support system. It empowers agents with continuous improvement on their proficiency, response accuracy and working efficiency. Keeping track of the history of user answers and analyzing them, the system is a self-evolving knowledge base to optimize FAQs and identify knowledge gaps with cross-function support from technology, sales and other teams.




Leading Traffic to Channel Partners

Customer Care helps customers locate dealer stores and service centers nearby. By connecting customers and channel partners, online and offline, it will lead traffic to channel partners and help attract customers more efficiently. The Customer Care platform accumulates, consolidates and analyzes customer feedback for brands. By sharing such information with channel partners, it enables them to better understand customer needs, thus empowering them to provide more specific services and enhanced customer experience. Creating new leads and activating existing customers is one means by which the platform facilitates channel partners’ sales and extends their relations with customers, from leads to sales in a diversified and ever-changing marketing environment.


Getting Behind Channel Partners

All Stanley Black & Decker authorized dealers and after sales service centers provide high-quality products and service to customers. Customer Care endorses channel partners with credible brand image and assures customers of authentic products and services. It covers all stages of a customer journey, standing behind channel partners for their success in the marketplace.


Relieving Inquiry Pressure

Customer Care acts as Stanley Black & Decker’s official channel to handle customer inquiries and provide customer support. The omni-channel support effectively relieves inquiry pressures on channel partners so they can optimize their manpower to offer customers better product and service experience.